Black Ops 2 gets Twitch TV in-game broadcasting - a worthy alternative to Theater Mode?

Upload gameplay videos to your Twitch account on the fly

Black Ops 2 now supports Twitch TV in-game, allowing you to record and upload gameplay to your Twitch account without fiddling around with extra equipment or software.

To broadcast, simply connect to your Twitch account from within the game. There's the option to include footage of yourself playing via picture-in-picture Kinect camera support, so everybody can see just how pleased you are that somebody's cut your streak one kill short of a Swarm. You can share your live feed to Facebook and Twitter, too. A video tutorial is below.


This may be welcome news if you're one of the Black Ops 2 players who are none to impressed by the game's Theater Mode - complaints we've heard/read include freezing, out of synch audio and videos being deleted after a week. Certain of these may have been addressed by this week's mammoth Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 update, which contains over 50 fixes and new features.

The game's Revolution DLC went live yesterday. You can read about it in our review. Thanks, EG.