OXM hits Google Play - subscribe for just £2.99 a month with free trial

Save money on single issues too

Cower, Earthlings! Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine's conquest of your pitiful silicon-based communications technology continues with the launch of our Google Play edition - a weapon of unimaginable evil that will surely bring about humanity's doom, disguised as a tremendously good magazine about videogames.

You can buy a single issue for £3.99, or invest in a monthly subscription with a free 14 day trial, for a monthly outlay of just £2.99. Or you could buy the paper version, and thus enjoy the benefits of a content-stuffed cover disc. We care not how precisely you engineer your own destruction, Earthlings. We ask only that you play a few great Xbox 360 titles along the way.


Might I recommend a few pieces from our current issue? Within lies a seven-page Bioshock Infinite preview featuring no end of excitable talk about pastel-coloured vistas, robots you can possess, political discord and guns you can wield while dangling upside down from a rollercoaster. Also: an Assassin's Creed retrospective that's awash with talk of cancelled features, and an interview with BioWare's Neil Thompson, art director on Dragon Age 3: Inquisition and one of those hallowed individuals who knows what next gen gaming looks like.

Sold? Step right this way to buy or subscribe. If anybody needs me, I'll be in my spaceship, gloating.