Sleeping Dogs DLC Year of the Snake outed - trailer and mission details revealed

Bomb missions! Cultists! High possibility of kicking people!

Good news, alleyway brawlers of Hong Kong. Sleeping Dogs is to get another DLC pack, titled Year of the Snake. The name points to a release around or on Chinese New Year's Eve - 10th February.

Ta to Exophase for the leak, and Eurogamer for being first to the Dragon punch. PlayStation Trophy details point to missions that involve bombs and cultists and collectables. I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that you'll need to defuse the bombs while fighting cultists and collecting the collectables. Bit of a stretch, but it's not impossible. Oh look, here's a trailer!

The news comes narrowly after we revealed that United Front is work on a next gen console game with multiplayer. Could be Sleeping Dogs 2, which we've been told will be set in either London, Moscow or Mexico City.

In a manful show of support for disgruntled internet people, the developer's Dan Sochan has said that cutting content for day-one DLC doesn't benefit anyone.