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"Disturbing" Dead Space 3 DLC will expand upon Dead Space 3's ending

Expect "interesting twists" and "disturbing" sights

Visceral is working on a "top secret additional story" for Dead Space 3 that will launch in "a few weeks". "We're not saying much, yet," executive producer Steve Papoutsis commented in a blog post. "But think "disturbing" to get your imaginations going."


Dead Space 3 promises to be fairly disturbing by itself. The game sees the increasingly battleworn Isaac Clarke and angry scarred friend John Carver travelling to the ice world Tau Volantis in search of a cure for the universe's lingering Necromorph infestation.

New to the Necromorphs? They're hideous sewn-together hunks of corpse, animated by a viral organism that lives inside a telepathic signal broadcast by the Markers, mysterious artefacts worshipped by the fanatical Unitologists. They are not your friends.

I polished off our build of Dead Space 3 earlier this week. Anything in particular you'd like to hear about in our Dead Space 3 review? Consider, if you will, the majesty that is the game's weapon customisation system.

Certain information has been removed from this story at EA's request.