Black Ops 2 DLC Revolution will launch "around 11am-2pm" in the UK

Season Pass holders get it from the in-game store

Just a quick update, because I'm about to dash out the door to an event. That Black Ops 2 DLC you're anxiously waiting for? It's due sometime around midday, according to Xbox EMEA social marketing manager Graeme Boyd.

"The Revolution Map Pack should be up at the usual time - that means around 11am-2pm UK," Boyd tweeted this morning. "But no guarantees. Will tweet when I see it."


"And don't forget that if you already own a Black Ops 2 Season Pass you need to download Revolution from the in-game menu, NOT Marketplace," he added.

Read details of Revolution's new gun the Peacekeeper here, and hands-on thoughts about new map Grind here.

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