Crysis 3 beta kicks off today - check out Crytek's multiplayer tutorial video

Learn how to be a Hunter before risking your ass

Crysis 3 online is a steaming, malarial whirlpool of blind corners and invisible stabbing notions, but don't pull the bedclothes over your head just yet - Crytek doesn't intend to send you greenhorns into the fray unprepared. The studio has released a video detailing certain of the modes, weapons and tactics you'll encounter.

Here are some tips of my own from my Crysis 2 days: don't treat your stealth camo like a wall you can hide behind forever. Plan its usage down to the second, or activate it in quick bursts to disorient opponents in close-up combat. Also: when push comes to shove, speed is the best way to stay alive.

I'll see you on the field. Last one to get punched in the head by a cyborg's a rotten egg.