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Gears of War: Judgment demo unveiled, dated - Gamestop customers get early access

Includes class-based OverRun mode

A multiplayer demo for Gears of War: Judgment will hit Xbox Live on 19th March, the day of the game's US release. That's a few dozen play-hours before UK release on the 22nd. A chance to brush up on your chainsaw etiquette before the noobs hit town...

The demo includes new mode OverRun, in which five players fill the boots of the doughty (and nowadays, class-based) COG, while the others take their pick of exotic Locust breeds. It's Horde Mode vs Beast Mode, in short. Bagsy the Bloodmount.


As detailed on CVG, North American players get early access (by 15th March, to be specific) when they preorder from GameStop, providing they're members of the latter's PowerUp Rewards program. Go on, sign your soul away!

Multiplayer experience points earned in the demo will carry over to the game itself, providing you pick up Judgment within the week of release. Epic and Microsoft must have big ambitions for launch sales.

Can we tempt you with a few other preorder incentives? Incentivise you, even? GameStop US customers get a custom "Young Marcus" skin and an Emulsion-spewing Lambent weapon skin, In the UK, there's the choice of GAME's "Marcus" multiplayer skin, Tesco's "Dom" multiplayer skin, Shop2's "Alex Brand" multiplayer skin and a non-retailer-specific "Anya" multiplayer skin. Everybody who preorders will receive the Classic Hammerburst gun, regardless of country of origin.

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