Hitman HD Trilogy trailer rocks up - three games, 40 levels, 75 hits

Also includes Hitman: Sniper Challenge

The Hitman HD Trilogy will launch on 1st February in the UK, tomorrow in the Yewnided Stades, and in accordance with time-honoured tradition, Square Enix has gone and released a launch trailer.

If you're new to the HD Trilogy, it's more of a Quartet - besides Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money, the compilation also includes the surprisingly entertaining albeit short-lived preorder incentive Hitman: Sniper Challenge. You won't be able to to transfer items from this version of the latter to any other game, however.

We'll have a review for you as and when it is within our power to produce one. Matt raved about the latest Hitman instalment, Hitman Absolution, but some of you weren't convinced. Any further post-mortems to share?