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Black Ops 2 DLC Revolution Grind gameplay video - watch Call of Duty shoot up a skatepark

That'll teach those good-for-nothing kids

Activision has released a Black Ops 2 Revolution gameplay video, showing just what happens when you unleash a group of heavily armed nutters on a humble (albeit rather high concept) skatepark. It's like watching Call of Duty kick Tony Hawk's face in. Which is, I suppose, not an entirely inaccurate way of summarising the latter's fall from grace.

"Our games on Grind were very active," writes Activision's Dan Amrich, aka One of Swords. "Though my team had a great time digging in to defend the Demolition bomb points at the bleachers. You can often run up the slope of a quarter pipe and mantle to the top of a ramp, but I found a few ramps that were too tall or too steep to climb.


"I was happy to see that the level is filled with distinctive areas and landmarks - skate shop, full pipe, bleachers, bathroom, news van, things like that. These easy-to-call-out elements will make team communication natural in objective games."

Now would be a good time for a joke involving some skater slang, but I don't know any skater slang. Do you?

The Revolution DLC adds four new maps in total - the others are Downhill, Mirage, Hydro and Zombies map Die Rise - plus a new Zombie mode "Turned" in which you mostly control a stinking corpse. Thrillsville. Also included is the fearsome hybrid SMG-rifle known as the Peacekeeper, which is pigmented bright white to make it easier to identify and thus, easier to counter.

You can read more about all that on Amrich's blog. Thanks for passing this on, VG247.