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Black Ops 2 DLC Revolution's Peacekeeper detailed: meet Call of Duty's first downloadable gun

Mix of assault rifle and SMG promises no end of online upset

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 combat designer Anthony Flame has been talking to the Call of Duty: Elite community about the Peacekeeper SMG - the very first Call of Duty weapon ever to be offered via DLC - to be specific, the Revolution map pack, out 29th January.

"We're very excited for the opportunity to give players a DLC weapon for the first time in a Call of Duty game," Flame observed, via MP1st. "This has allowed us to evaluate how the fans are playing the game, and offer new content that improves the online experience.


"For the Peacekeeper, we wanted to give players a high mobility weapon that wasn't just meant for close quarters, which will open up more medium and long range firefights," he went on. "Internally, the team has been having a blast with the Peacekeeper on the new maps. We look forward to the community getting their hands on the Peacekeeper, and seeing how this affects the meta game of Pick 10 selection."

Elsewhere, Flame dissected the new weapon's capabilities. "The Peacekeeper is a Submachine Gun-Assault Rifle Hybrid," he said. "It has the lightweight design of an SMG, but with better range and accuracy at the cost of close quarters firepower. It's a great weapon for objective modes like Hardpoint, where you need to quickly get into position and cover objectives from a safe distance.

"First we began thinking, what will get the most people excited - what is something that people haven't seen before? The conversation quickly gravitated to the fact that our two most popular weapon classes are SMGs and assault rifles, so we thought it would be cool to create a hybrid of those. Having a weapon in DLC is new, having this type of weapon is new and it speaks to the choices that players make - we loved the idea."

Don't know about you, but I think Jacks of all trades tend to be the master of none. Still, I'm no Black Ops 2 expert. By all means share your thoughts, specialists.