Dead Island: Riptide gameplay video: nine minutes of axe throwing, strategy elements and speedboats

Deep Silver's ghoulish tropical adventure gets pre-alpha showing

Hungry for lunch? Let Deep Silver help with that. The studio has released nine minutes of unedited Dead Rising: Riptide gameplay footage, a vibrant, appetite-killing stew of body parts, chainguns and speedboats.

You can read more about all that in our Riptide hands-on. "The summer monsoon has turned the island into a giant water-feature, full of floaty corpses you might want to avoid," notes Matt. Heed his wisdom.

The footage follows an embarrassing turn of events last week, when Deep Silver was forced to apologise to Dead Island fans and critics after offering a small plastic effigy of a butchered, big-breasted torso as a preorder incentive.

Are you hyped for this? The first Dead Island was an unexpected success, attracting a large cult following despite lukewarm reviews.