Crysis 3 public beta launches on Xbox Live next week

Two modes and two maps, for two weeks

Strap on your invisibility-enabling glad rags, O wolves among men, for Crysis 3's public multiplayer beta will begin next Tuesday, 29th January. The trial is free to all comers and includes timed mode Hunter, in which two Nanosuited players do their best to stalk and murder 10 standard-issue grunts, using Space Age bows and arrows.

Kill one of the grunts, and he'll resurrect as a fellow Nanosuit trooper. It's comparable to Flood in Halo 4, but slower-paced and more given over to observation. Before he buggered off to work for one of our Hated Enemies, Crysis 3 previewer Matt used to tell this story about tracking cloaked players by looking for ripples in water. Thrillsville, by the sounds of it.


The other of the beta's two modes is Crash Site, wherein you sprint to objectives and stop other people claiming them, using guns. Two maps have been detailed, Airport and Museum, both of which take place in the campaign mode's vegetation-infested alternative New York.

The aforesaid bow aside, new guns and powers available in the beta include the Rip and Throw ability, which lets you tear off a bit of the world to clobber somebody with or hide behind, and the Pinger, an alien tank on legs.

Crysis 3 itself lands on 21st February. Pre-order to upgrade to the Hunter Edition, which comes with a free download of Crysis 1 on Xbox Live Arcade, additional weapons, gear, skins and dog tags, and an XP headstart on other players in multiplayer.