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EA puts together pun-laden "royal" FIFA 13 side to celebrate Prince Harry

Rich aristocrat likes football games, apparently

Ever the publisher with an eye out for a quick and dirty marketing cash-in (Mercenaries 2 petrol giveaway, anyone?) EA has put together a royalty-themed FIFA 13 Ultimate Team for you to discuss - thus neatly combining two of my personal hates, immense privilege by accident of birth and monstrously over-exposed and paid sportsmen, into one promotion.

"Hot on the heels of the news that during his military downtime Prince Harry is the FIFA king, we've formed our own team worthy of the royal honour," reads the attached release. "In the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Royal XI all team member names have a connection to Harry and the House Of Windsor from manager 'Fergie' and Bradford shot-stopper Matt Duke to Kevin-Prince Boateng and Mark Noble.


"The subs bench includes Charles, Harry, William and even the latest royal addition, Catherine is represented. This regal bunch is ready to go out defend the Empire and the penalty box."

You can view and comment on the results over at the FIFA Facebook page. If you're still struggling with FIFA's popular online card-swapping game, incidentally, we've got some FIFA 13 Ultimate Team tips to pass on.