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Halo 4: 343 outlines "tentative" plans for Forge Mode maps, return of King of the Hill

Community creations could see daylight outside test playlist

If you've been getting your kicks from Despair, Garrotte, Relay, Scythe, Shutout and Simplex, now playable in regular matchmaking via the Community Forge Test playlist, you may be pleased to hear that 343 plans to make the best Halo 4 Forge maps available across other multiplayer playlists soon.

"We're tentatively planning on adding applicable maps in two weeks," reads a tweet by Halo Waypoint community boss Jessica Shea. That's providing the maps in question hold up to rigorous scrutiny, naturally - the Examiner reports that it's possible to hide outside the environment on one particular map. Come across any niggles at your end?


According to Shea, 343 is also "looking at a few different possibilities for bringing [King of the Hill] back" to matchmaking. You can read more about forthcoming Halo 4 content, including new playlists and Specialisations, over yonder.