Minecart of Malice video: dare you board Minecraft Xbox 360's creepiest rollercoaster?

10 minutes of flaming skulls, Red Queens and pumpkin tunnels

It's a slow news day today, so why not while the remainder (or at least, 10 minutes) of this afternoon away aboard the Minecart of Malice, comfortably the most inventive, best-executed Minecraft railway project we've laid eyes on. "Express elevator to hell"? Hell is just the beginning, dear Hudson. Keep your arms, legs and eyeballs inside the car.

See if you can count up all the Alice in Wonderland references. Shout out to Rivergrl21 and Nuropsych1 for their well-muscled imaginations. Hugs/kisses/other terms of endearment to 4J Studios for passing this on.