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Minecraft Xbox 360 update 8 "hopefully" finished this week, "around 40 fixes" planned

4J also open to the idea of community requested skins

Sorely afflicted by Minecraft Xbox 360 bugs? Be of good cheer, for 4J Studios is almost ready to pour cooling downloadable balm upon those troubled neurones. In a series of tweets, the developer has indicated that we'll hear more of Minecraft Xbox 360 title update 8 this week, and dropped a few new details as to forthcoming updates and Minecraft skin packs.

"We will hopefully be announcing the fix list next week - looking like around 40 fixes at the moment," 4J tweeted on Friday. Among the issues the update will address are: games failing to auto-save when the host's Xbox Live status is set to Away, consoles freezing when you kick somebody from your session, and guest players being unable to shoot arrows when relieved of their building rights.


In the past, the studio has blurred features from different Minecraft PC versions to suit the occasion. This may not be the case with the next "proper" update, however. Asked whether title update 9 would incorporate material from both Minecraft PC 1.1 and Minecraft PC 1.2, 4J clarified that "the current plan for TU9 is just to add The End to the game. We'll see how that works out..."

The next round of Minecraft skins are now well into development, and 4J has plenty of ideas for the future. "Skin Pack 4 is in progress, but a pack of community requested skins sounds like a good idea after that," the studio tweeted at one follower. There were also hints that more third party licenses - specifically, those of Gearbox and Ubisoft - might pop up in future skin packs.

The End is one of five upcoming Minecraft Xbox 360 features we're most looking forward to (the list is a bit out of date, in fairness - we'll write up a new one at some point). Also charting high on the Anticipate-O-Matic - custom texture packs.

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