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The Hot Topic - do we need an Xbox TV?

Rumours say that future TVs will contain Xbox tech. Yay or nay?

"Xbox TV" is one of life's bigger mysteries right now - well, providing you're so wed to technology that scouring a Microsoft job listing for specifications constitutes a solid evening's fun. The firm's designs on the broad entertainment market are widely understood (and in some cases, resented), but exactly how those designs will pan out over the next few years is a matter of some conjecture.

Cue issue 95's Hot Topic. Will Microsoft release a smart TV with integrated Xbox gaming tech alongside the next gen Xbox, as certain parties suggest? Will the manufacturer go so far as to produce its own shows? Here to discuss the ins and outs are the now-departed Matt Lees and Log, that scary bearded man who shouts at you on Youtube occasionally.


Matt says: NO!
What if one bit stopped working?
I'm not averse to the idea of being able to switch on my telly and jump straight into a game, but lumping bits of tech together isn't always a great idea. The camera phone might have proved a huge success, but those little pink televisions with built-in VHS players are as unpleasant as the bubonic plague.

I've always been a tech freak, and enjoy upgrading individual components. If I want a new TV but don't need a new console, having the two paired up might limit my options. I've also got loads of dull technical questions - like will the TVs include hard drive storage, or a slot for using DVD discs?

Cloud gaming is in vogue at the moment, so I'm inclined to guess that it would focus far more on downloadable games. For XBLA games a system like this would be perfect, but I don't fancy the idea of having to download an 8GB game just so I can play it without separate console hardware.

If the integrated tech can't do everything a proper Xbox console can do then I'm not interested, but even if it has exactly the same capabilities I've no idea where all of that hardware will fit. The HD screen I've got hanging on my wall is just about as big as I can manage - anything larger and the people I live with would quite rightfully start to kick off.

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