Next gen Xbox specs rumoured - 8GB ram, 1.23 teraflops, Blu-ray support


Microsoft's next generation Xbox console (aka the Xbox 720, Durango, Nextbox, Microsoft Supremo Ultra, etc) will include a Blu-ray disc drive, offer 8GB of RAM and have a run-capability of 1.23 teraflops, according to CES attendees accosted by VG247.

That apparently leaves the Microsoft beast somewhat behind Sony's next console in terms of "raw computational power" - as opposed to "well-cooked computational power", I guess - but the next Xbox will, however, offer double the RAM, meaning more data can be loaded and used at once. 3GB of the console's RAM is said to be reserved for the operating system, apps and security.


Both machines will be able to read Blu-ray discs - 100GB Blu-ray discs, to be precise. Plenty of room for obscenely high-fidelity (or simply not very well optimised) textures, then. Durango's processor is based on the Radeon HD 8770 GPU, the site claims.

And so commences another year or two of spec-wars waged by people like me, who have only a rudimentary grasp of what all the shiny, exciting numbers actually mean. If you're a more enlightened soul, feel free to comment at length.

Dragon Age 3's art director Neil Thompson has told us that the next generation of consoles won't offer as dramatic a visual upgrade as their predecessors did. I suspect there'll be plenty of dramatic language chucked around by manufacturers nonetheless.