Microsoft brings Xbox hits to Surface tablets as part of Windows 8 PLAY scheme

Toy Soldiers, Gunstringer and ilomilo lead the charge

Gaming's great platform-bridging endeavour chugs on, as Microsoft brings a number of Xbox games to hot, sexy tablets and other Windows 8 devices as part of the new PLAY initiative.

Admittedly, there's nothing all that hot and sexy about Minesweeper and Solitaire, but Toy Soldiers, Gunstringer and Ilomilo? Now you're cooking with charcoal.

"Get your game on with this amazing line-up of titles from Microsoft Studios," reads a release on the official site. "Our games have something for everyone, from casual puzzlers and high energy racing to immersive adventure and non-stop arcade. For Xbox fans you'll also find your favorite features like leaderboards, multiplayer modes, connecting with friends, and more.

"All Microsoft Studios titles let you try before you buy; check them out today! Microsoft Studios titles are available for Windows 8 and Windows RT via the Windows Store."

Full list of supported titles is below. Traded in your Xbox for a Surface yet? No, I didn't think so - but from such tiny snowballs great avalanches may spring...

- Toy Soldiers
- 4 Elements: Special Edition
- Hydro Thunder Hurricane
- Rocket Riot 3D
- Reckless Racing Ultimate
- Microsoft Solitaire Collection
- Microsoft Mahjong
- Microsoft Minesweeper
- Taptiles
- Adera
- Pinball FX2
- Wordament
- Gunstringer: Dead Man Running
- Ilomilo+
- Skulls of the Shogun