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Best XBLA games of 2013 - seven promising titles that are flying off-radar

A round-up of projects we'd like to know more about

Earlier today, SpikySnail's Niv Fisher was overheard banging on about great games going AWOL on Xbox Live Arcade. Being men and (where the circumstances call for it) ladies of honour, we thought we'd extend an olive branch on Microsoft's behalf.

Below you'll find a number of forthcoming downloadable projects that aren't, to our collective minds, getting their due - some confirmed for release, a few unconfirmed, and all crying out for a pinch or two of publicity.

1. Alien Spidy
I laid hands on Enigma and Kalypso's many-limbed platformer in summer last year, and found it to be far tougher and more interesting than the dusty Nickleodeon presentation suggests. You're an extra-terrestrial arachnid, obviously, marooned on Earth after journeying here in search of his girlfriend, Virgi. But enough of tortuously labyrinthine plots - it's all about those puzzles. Spidy can spit and swing from weblines after the example of Capcom's Bionic Commando, and his world is held together by an affable physics system which calls to mind the PSP's LocoRoco.

The game sports 69 levels split across three environments, and if you're at all inclined to score-chase, you'll play the bulk of those levels twice or thrice over. It's hard as nails later on, seemingly - in one level, a bubble-encased Spidy must navigate a maze of sea urchins with a pair of piranhas in hot pursuit. A release date has yet to be confirmed - "2013" is as specific as it gets. Don't let this one die, Kalypso. There's room for at least one more platform game on Live Arcade.

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