Borderlands 2 DLC Sir Hammerlock hit by Compatibility Update bugs

Read before starting your download, people

If you're restlessly refreshing the Borderlands 2 page in search of Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, you might want to hold those raging horses. Gearbox released a Compatibility Update on Xbox Live yesterday that's required to experience the latest DLC, but some users are having trouble downloading it.

"We're receiving reports that some are receiving a "Can't download compatibility pack" error message while in the process of downloading this content," reads a post on the developer's forum, published yesterday. "We're working with Microsoft to address this and expect the issue to be resolved within hours." Alas, seems it's taking longer than that.


Apparently, downloads are freezing at the 98 per cent mark, and a few players are reporting difficulty accessing online multiplayer. "We're working with Microsoft to get the Compatibility Pack download error on Xbox 360 addressed ASAP - will share updates here as we can," Gearbox tweeted around six hours ago.

Given the upset, the developer has wisely decided to extend the Hammerlock-themed Gear Up online event, which makes it easier to find (though not, alas to slay) certain high-level boss critters.

"The final day of festivities is upon us, as Pandora grows more dangerous (but also more rewarding) for those adventuring online with two or more players in True Vault Hunter Mode," reads an associated post. "Should the varkids infesting Tundra Express, Caustic Caverns or Natural Selection Annex survive long enough to enter the pod state multiple times, they stand a far greater chance of morphing into the fearsome Vermivorous the Invincible.

"However, those that emerge victorious in their struggles against Vermivorous the Invincible also face greater rewards as the legendary Norfleet weapon is far more likely to appear upon his defeat."

We'll keep you posted.