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Secret LucasArts Xbox 360 shooter unveiled - Tomb Raider, Bulletstorm devs working on new AAA game

Is it Star Wars: First Assault?

No, it probably isn't Star Wars: Battlefront 3 - and you, Mr Carrying A Candle For Free Radical, need to learn to let go. There's so much else to live for, besides scampering into battle alongside dozens of clone troopers and Jedi. An unannounced shooter, for instance. I don't know much about it yet, but the fact that LucasArts is developing the game alongside Star Wars 1313 suggests that it'll be another next generation console effort.

A system designer's portfolio (cheers Sidequesting) makes mention of a number of core somethings. Here they are: guns, Unreal Engine, Xbox 360 boxart, controllers. If you're wondering whether the game referred to is, in fact, Star Wars 1313, wonder no further - the latter is mentioned further down the page. Ergo, this is a separate project.


Fortified with the above knowledge, I took a tour of LinkedIn in search of pointers. The new game may be the same "unannounced project" over which LucasArts veteran Timothy Longo serves as creative director - he's worked on a number of Star Wars titles, including Republic Commando and Jedi Starfighter, and was franchise director on Tomb Raider till April 2011. Eek, my reckless imagination! It bubbles over with images of buxom Sith Lords bashing X-Wings together using the Force while scaling temple walls/overcoming adolescent misgivings about murdering people. Star Wars 1313's creative director Dominic Robilliard also has an untitled bun in the oven, referred to simply as "unannounced AAA title".

Known possibilities? Well, this could be Star Wars: First Assault, hotly rumoured following a brace of trademark and domain registrations. It's said to be an Xbox Live Arcade project. Alternatively, how would you feel about an FPS for next gen consoles? Could be they're one and the same thing.

You may wish to refer to our feature on the greatest Xbox mysteries of 2013.

PS. @lifelower points out another LinkedIn profile that makes mention of an unannounced FPS for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The lead designer in question was lead gameplay designer on Bulletstorm, employed at Epic Poland. Squeee.