Ninja Theory thanks raters and haters alike ahead of DmC: Devil May Cry reviews

"We accept that some of you won't like our game"

Ninja Theory has bowed out for the week with a series of air-clearing tweets, thanking both fans and the more restrained breed of critic for their input.

"So #DmC is released on Tuesday for most of you," the salvo begins. "We've been working on this game for a long long time, and it has been a real pleasure.


"Thanks to those that have shown us support. Thanks to those that have been critical, but tried to do it in a positive and helpful way. We feel we've made a game worthy of the Devil May Cry name. I hope you will all agree. No doubt some of you won't, but we accept that.

"Video games are entertainment, a relief from the stresses of the real world, and a source of fun," the developer concludes. "If you find #DmC to be one of these for you, we've done our jobs."

Devil May Cry reviews (including ours) are due early next week. They should make for excitable reading, as should the responses. Despite a much-reported backlash from segments of the Capfan community, both Capcom and Ninja Theory have expressed a willingness to collaborate in future.

Little birds tell us that some of you already have access to copies. What do you think?