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Microsoft will pay you to play free-to-play game Happy Wars

Earn credit to blow on weapons and items

Are any of you fine, discerning ladies and gentlemen playing Toylogic's free-to-play brawler Happy Wars? Because somebody must be, despite prevailing radio silence on the subject, or it wouldn't be the 13th most popular game of all time on Xbox Live Arcade.

That's not enough for Uncle Microsoft, however. The PlayXBLA blog is giving away 40 Happy Tickets - around $5 worth of in-game purchases, according to Xbox EMEA social marketing manager Graeme Boyd - to players who get involved between now and 20th January. To claim yours, simply download the thing and sign in.

OXM reviewer Chris Schilling wasn't blown away by Happy Wars, but there's only so much you can rag on something they're giving away. Multiple Gold-exclusive free-to-play games are planned for Xbox 360, including the promisingly loony Ascend: New Gods. Evidently, the revenue model is considered key to Xbox's future.