Telltale treats US 4GB Xbox 360 owners hit by Walking Dead bugs to free Season Pass

New Walking Dead title update on the way

Telltale Games are offering codes for the entire first season of the Walking Dead to those affected by performance problems on 4GB versions of the Xbox 360. These issues only affect the disc-based version of the game, with one bug causing severe stuttering and freezing during gameplay. Since the boxed edition has only launched in the US, this shouldn't affect UK players.

If you've encountered problems, you can sign up here to download five episodes for free, accounting for 2.85GB of space in total (at the time of writing the website appears to be down). The only other way around the problem is to install a new hard drive.

Telltale has also promised to fix a bug that resets your progress in episode 1. A new title update is apparently on the way.

The Walking Dead is one of last year's bigger success stories, with 8.5 million episodes downloaded as of 7th January. A release date for the UK version of the boxed edition has yet to be announced.

By Alex Hawksworth-Brookes