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Suspected Dead Rising 3 dev touts open world action game... but "no zombies"

Capcom Vancouver advertises for two unannounced projects

"Dead Rising 3" appeared on somebody's CV earlier this week, in case you missed it. Capcom has yet to comment on the discovery, to my knowledge - but Capcom Vancouver does appear to be hiring for a number of secret somethings.

"Capcom Vancouver is growing!" reads a LinkedIn post for a UI software engineer. "We have two unannounced projects in play. There is lots of work to be done! We need the help of smart, passionate and dedicated people to help us make our open world action games!"

A listing on the developer's site suggests that at least one of these projects is a new IP. "Capcom has one of the industry's greatest back catalogs but for our next project we've been given the opportunity to create Capcom's next big game," it reads. Also: "no zombies". Intriguing.

According to a rumour from last year, Dead Rising 3 takes place in the town of Los Perdidos, and stars a man named Rick who must repair a plane before a bomb goes off. Among the new enemies is a guy who rides a hybrid motorbike/steam-roller. Possible concept art below.