Microsoft hails success of Xbox Live ads, promises more where they came from

"NUads is a real breakthrough in TV advertising"

If you think Xbox Live is getting a little advertising-heavy, I bring sad tidings. Microsoft's experimental "NUads" campaign has seen considerable success, the manufacturer has revealed, and you can expect "more investment" on that front down the line.

New to NUads? They're basically sponsored polls which kick in while you watch videos and the like, answerable by way of Kinect motion gestures. "This new ad format was built with the consumer and advertiser in mind," reads a release on "For consumers, through the power of Kinect for Xbox 360, NUads enable natural interactivity using the simplicity of a spoken word or the wave of a hand.


"For advertisers, implementation is easy. All they need is a standard TV spot, a question in mind and a few creative responses, and they can reach active Xbox LIVE members with their message in participating markets. In addition, the aggregated poll results provide insights that can help inform future product developments or ad campaigns."

The first NUads began to appear to Xbox Live users in the UK, US and Canada from late 2012. According to Microsoft, 37 per cent of participants "engaged" with the poll, and of those participants, 71 per cent voted.

"When we launched NUads, we redefined the 30-second spot," commented Ross Honey, general manager of Xbox Live Entertainment and Advertising. "These results show that NUads is a real breakthrough in TV advertising, and you can expect more investment from us when it comes to this new ad format and video advertising in general."

Advertisers are also chuffed. "Consumers want a relevant and engaging experience when watching TV," said Dionne Colvin, national media manager at Toyota Motor Sales US. "NUads was a new format for our advertising, but we saw an opportunity to try something new, and the results exceeded our expectations."

"We're thrilled with the results of our first NUads experience," chimed in Kathleen Bell, director of marketing for Subway Restaurants in Canada. "We're always looking for new ways to engage with our fans and deliver a customized experience to them. Taking part in this exciting program has given us the ability to further target our audience and get real-time feedback from them through a new and interactive platform."

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