Gearbox on rumoured next gen game Furious 4: "I've never been more excited"

Former Brothers in Arms game "is so cool" and "that's all I'm going to say"

Late last year I wrote about the 2013-bound Xbox games that aren't getting enough attention, including Gearbox's sometime Brothers in Arms spin-off, Furious 4, due to be published by Ubisoft. By strange coincidence, the enterprising Lees was ensconced in a SEGA booth at the time, menacing Alien: Colonial Marines creative director Mike Neumann with a dictaphone.

Amongst other things, he asked: "how's Furious 4 doing, because I thought it looked awesome and I'm worried it won't be awesome???" Neumann's incredibly candid response was: "Wow, trying to think what I can actually say here. I was the creative director for Furious 4, so thank you!


"That game has evolved and I've never been more excited about something in my entire career than with what they're doing right now. It is so cool. That's all I'm going to say."

Add that nugget of diamond-hard insight to the following prophetic aside from Neumann's Twitter feed, posted last week. "Back at work today. So many amazing things going on at Gearbox. This year shall be rad-rad like the wind."

Conclusion: Furious Four is a work of magical realism, set in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse, in which players harness the element of air to overcome a quartet of Ancient Grecian demi-gods. Not at all like the zany, Tarantino-inspired squad shooter they unveiled at E3 2011, then.

In all seriousness, Ubisoft, Gearbox - what the hell's going on with Furious 4? Given that you appear to be skipping the spring, should we assume that a next gen showing is on the cards? Are there still tomahawks? And what of Brothers in Arms? Come on, fess up.

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