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Best Xbox FPS: our top 10 first-person shooters

Ed ranks his favourites

Picking out good first-person shooters on Xbox isn't so much like shooting fish in a barrel as striding determinedly into the ocean in search of water. No other console can boast quite the same spread of triple-barrelled, iron-sighted, hair-trigger enjoyment. Nonetheless, with pretty much all the platform's remaining big hitters on shelves save Bioshock Infinite, we thought it was time for another of our preposterous top 10s.

Here, then, are the brightest and best of the Xbox 360 FPS scene, ranked in ascending order. For sanity's sake and to ensure the list isn't dominated by Call of Duty, we've gone with a maximum of one game per series. As always, this is very much one man's opinion, and you're quite at liberty to re-rank the offerings in the comments.

10. The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

As athletic as Mirror's Edge, as brutal as Splinter Cell: Conviction, and as smartly laid-out as Batman: Arkham Asylum. Starbreeze's bumper edition for the Xbox 360 includes a HD version of Escape from Butcher Bay, its breakout release on Xbox 1, along with the stealth-heavy Assault on Dark Athena add-on, which easily stands alone. The developer's star has fallen (no pun intended, honest) thanks to the lamentable Syndicate, but Riddick remains a fantastic experience - one of the first specimens of the genre to successfully blur a welter of theoretically opposed game types into an elegant variety package.

Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena review


9. Rage

The bold rebirth of the classic id Software shooter, and a fearsome show of prowess in raw technological terms. Rage is guilty of mixed signalling - it looks like Fallout, but the world is in reality a warren of Doom-esque corridors, and the upgrades aren't nearly as thick on the ground. Tackle it on its own terms, however, and it's a fine, gutsy blaster that's all about the thrill of handling a grotesquely overdesigned weapon. The ending's a dead duck, but the 15 hours leading up to it are among the most entertaining I've ever spent.

Rage review


8. Battlefield 3

Not quite the triumphant follow-through on the experimental Bad Company spin-offs I was hoping for, but still one of Xbox 360's finest multiplayer blasters and perhaps the only credible alternative to Call of Duty in the military action genre. The campaign is oddly wooden, trapping you into arbitrary "mission zones", but the online brawls are conducted on maps of vast scope and commendable intricacy, with Caspian Valley and Operation Metro stealing the gold. The gunplay itself is once again satisfyingly heavy-footed, rarely allowing you to reflex-fire your way out of a corner, and the multiplayer classes lock together into rewarding tactical paradigms. A copious assortment of unlocks encourage long-term investment, but you'll hardly need prodding.

Battlefield 3 review


7. Bulletstorm

The wild child of shooters, Bulletstorm reapplies combo-counting principles from the likes of Devil May Cry to spectacular effect, inspiring players not simply to kill, but to abuse and torture an army of noisy psychopaths using darkly imaginative, Quake-esque weaponry. That much we knew from reveal day onwards, but the real surprise was just how engaging Bulletstorm's story would prove, despite characters cut from the dudebro mold and a script that rattles out an expletive every couple of seconds. The multiplayer has limited appeal, but as a single player effort this has few equals.

Bulletstorm review

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