Platinum "best of 2013" video shows off new titles, hints at upcoming announcements

Metal Gear, Anarchy Reigns and pick of previous work appear

The very idea of a Platinum Games compilation video is dangerously flammable. It must be written on specially prepared paper, using pens designed by NASA. Before you view the video below, invest in some lead-lined goggles and place your feet in a bucket of water.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Anarchy Reigns appear, alongside Vanquish and the wonderful Bayonetta. There's also an intriguing closing message - "look forward to more!" More what, Platinum? A Bayonetta sequel for Xbox, perhaps?

Removing my Xbox hat for a second, I thoroughly recommend Infinite Space, the DS RPG shown, if you're a fan of disarmingly simplistic-looking interstellar roshambo, deep ship customisation and difficulty curves that go up and up and up.

Our Anarchy Reigns review goes live this afternoon, just so you know. Spoiler: Bayonetta's better, but that's no real failing.