New Dead Space 3 trailer shows off co-op Kinect controls

It won't even let you order a sandwich

I'm starting to warm up to Dead Space 3, after a long spell in cryogenic apathy, but EA's latest trailer has done a fine job of cooling my ardour. It showcases the game's exhilarating Kinect features, which can actually - wait for it - be enjoyed in local co-op.

Thus, whenever your partner looks like he's getting too immersed in the proceedings, you can harsh his buzz by yelling "GIVE PARTNER AMMO". Whereupon Kinect will probably load up Netflix and auto-play Ghost in the Shell, or something.

In fairness, the features themselves look fine - as in Mass Effect 3, they're there if you want them but you're entirely free to use the buttons instead. The trailer is the real downer here, thanks to stabs at humour that call to mind a pensioner trying to knock a lorry over with handfuls of wet lettuce.

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