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Ninja Theory lashes out at bogus DmC: Devil May Cry reviews

"Refuting misinformation on DmC could be a full time job."

Seems the internet's legion of DmC: Devil May Cry despisers are on the warpath again. Ninja Theory has taken to Twitter to decry a number of fake reviews of the game, produced without the benefit of access to final code.

"I was referring to some reviews where the writer hasn't received review code and not even played the game. It happens!" notes the developer's Twitter feed, adding "Genuine review = one where the reviewer has actually played the game. Sometimes people make up reviews without actually playing the game."


Chief designer Tameem Antoniades has also posted warnings. "Dear followers," he tweeted last night. "Online reviews shall arrive closer to release. Online reviews that appear now have not had review code. Don't be duped.

"Refuting misinformation on DmC could be a full time job," Antoniades complained elsewhere, in reference to a verbal pasting issued by a self-styled "Ninja Theory tester". "Yes leak is BS. The truth is out in 10 days. Be patient :)"

If you're new to DmC, Ninja Theory's dramatically styled reboot has been at the centre of fan upset since unveiling. The art direction still rubs some people the wrong way, but it's the retooled combat system that's proving most controversial. I attempted to address both sides of the debate in a recent preview.