Around the network: PS4, 2013 tech trends and retro round-ups

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Another working week draws to a close. Well, three days of one. I could get used to three-day weeks, everybody. Anyway, here's the year's very first wodge of gaming and technology-scented links from around the Future Publishing network.

CVG stomps in with a double whammy on next gen consoles - Xbox 720: 15 game changing features and PlayStation 4: 15 best features. You don't need to read the second of those. Why would you? You've got taste and a modicum of intelligence, after all, as evidenced by the fact that you're reading this website.


T3's combo is somewhat odder - the best headphones for running, followed by an iMac 2012 review. Any joggers in the house? How would you like an iMac to plug your headphones into when you're not wearing them while jogging?

Over at Games Radar US, the future meets the past in the form of a piece on the new games of 2013 and a round-up of the best NES games. Playing us out, the folk of Tesco Tech with the top tech trends for 2013 and a robust 2013 rumour round-up.

Enjoy your weekend. Unless you're one of those smug individuals who hasn't started work yet, in which case: get off your widening tush and do something productive.