The best Halo 4 Forge maps

Our favourite custom theatres of war

I didn't manage to play much Halo 4 over the holiday, thanks to the long-overdue arrival of Thief 3 in my life, and the resurgence of my lingering Sins of a Solar Empire addiction. Curse you, interstellar logistics! Returning to 343's game this week was rather like peering into the depths of a long-forgotten cup of tea, now clogged to the brim with bacterial fur. Or if you prefer, checking a bank account with an exorbitant interest rate for the first time in 30 years. Halo 4 includes a map editor, see, the enormously potent Forge Mode, and fans of the latter have been busy.

I've only dipped a toe, but I've already discovered nine custom Forge maps that have the makings of greatness. Some riff ingeniously on familiar archetypes or other games, others are simply really well thought out - and all can be downloaded, free of charge, by searching for the creator's Gametag (included in the videos below). If you're a budding Forger in need of pointers, this Neogaf thread is a good place to start.

Boogey Man
Under the rules of Boogeyman, one player stars as an unkillable, all-powerful Flood drone, while the others fill the boots of intensely fragile Spartans. The goal for human participants, naturally, is just to survive. The titular Boogeyman is manifest to human vision as a glowing red blur, which comes in rather handy given that the map is pitch-black. Order in extra toilet paper before attempting this one.

Infected Ravine
An intricate, sprawling whirlpool of routes for the Flood gametype, awash with complex chokepoints, overlooks and dead-ends. This flythrough video illustrates the care with which everything's been put together nicely.

Polis Massa
Likely to be a popular choice round these parts, I suspect, as it's modelled on a Star Wars: Battlefront 2 map of the same name. Dominion is the supported game type, and they've managed to recreate Battlefront 2's four classes as Spartan load-outs. Our shields can't repel muddled referencing of that magnitude, Chief!

Hatched Duckhunt
Duckhunt is one of the old standbys of the Forge circuit, originally crafted for Halo 3. The gist - one player tries to pick the rest off before they find their way through the level and kill him. Watch out for the giant footballs on the top floor, my duckies.

Not simply a map which apes the arcade game's famous maze layout, but also a map which borrows a few of its core mechanics. The "ghosts" are, indeed, Ghosts, tasked with splatting all the Pac-Men.

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