Crysis 4 might not be an FPS, reveals Crytek

"We've built a really cool universe"

Crytek producer Michael Elliot Read isn't ruling out more Crysis games once the last game in the trilogy goes to press. Nor is he ruling out a follow-up which looks beyond the original's sandbox shooter format, expanding the fiction by way of other game types.

"You know, I think at this point I don't want to give anything away," Read told Dusty Cartridge in an interview. "But I think the Crysis franchise itself has life left in it. Whether it's in a different game type format, whether it's expanding upon this, it's hard to say. That's going to be up to the designers at the end of the day.


"But I think we've built... Crysis was always intended to be a trilogy and I think that over that time we've built a really cool universe," he went on. "We haven't really gone in and said 'Hey let's put Nano suits and clown suits and stuff and completely violate and sell our IP.' We've done a fairly good job at maintaining that, so I think in terms of the universe, we have a lot more life left in that to go back and try some unique stuff.

"Whether it's FPS or not I have no idea, but there's definitely a future in the franchise."

Any thoughts as to which other game types might suit the Crysis series, everybody? Third-person shooting seems the obvious choice, but given the range of unit types and the emphasis on customisation, some sort of tactical affair could also be possible.

Often typecast as a high-end FPS household, Crytek is heading in some interesting directions right now. On the one hand, you've got the free-to-play shooter Warface. On the other, the little-seen Kinect brawler Ryse, now tipped to include a multiplayer mode worked up by Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian.

Read more about Crysis 3 in our single and multiplayer previews. I'm looking forward to punching a few invisible men.