Tomb Raider's multiplayer detailed - TDM, objective capture, XP and bleed-out

Crystal goes all Gears of Lara?

First details of Tomb Raider's multiplayer mode have arrived, care of our friends at OXM US and their bulletpoint-loving readers. Let's play a little game of our own, shall we? It's called: work out what any of the below has in common with Tomb Raider.

Two modes have been revealed so far - team deathmatch, in which survivors of single player's shipwreck battle the islands native "scavengers" in a best-of-three brawl, and an objective mode known as Rescue, where the idea is to nab and deliver medpacks. There's another objective mode, Cry for Help, which OXM US wasn't able to sample.


Players fill the boots of one or other upgradeable character, armed with a primary weapon, sidearm, a grenade or projectile and a climbing axe for melee. Acquiring XP in the fray allows you to unlock more characters and alter their stats.

You can expect destructible elements on some maps, like bridges, along with hazards like spiked traps and interactive features like climbing walls. Bleed-out is a feature, though it's not clear whether you can revive comrades.

I'd hate to prejudice your feelings about all this, but it may repay you to consider the following comments on the subject of Bioshock multiplayer from Irrational's Ken Levine. "We would have done it if we had something to say. But we just didn't, so I didn't want to do what I had done before. I didn't want to be forced to fill a checklist some marketing guy had about what a product should be."

I can't make my mind up about Tomb Raider. Can you?