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"And it's on" - Microsoft starts countdown to E3 2013

First public hint at an Xbox 720 announcement?

Microsoft is really, really looking forward to E3 this year, it seems. Major Nelson has started a countdown clock on his blog, with 158 days to go at the time of writing. How very premature of you, Major.

In the face of your/my hysterical "NEXT GEN CONFIRMIGATED" pronouncements, Jonty offers the following bitter pill of cynicism: "Microsoft doesn't have anything to talk about after Gears of War: Judgment this spring, so it makes sense that they're looking forward to the summer". That man has not a wisp of a spark of a glimmer of romance in his soul.

According to a recent rumour, the "Xbox 3" is in beta and development kits are even now going out to developers. A Bloomberg source reports that the new machine will be aired at a dedicated event. 158 days to go..