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New GTA 5 screenshots appear over Christmas, OXM totally not late to the party

Rockstar in "wait till everybody's left the office" shocker

Look, it was Christmas Eve, OK? A time to rediscover the lost arts of conversation and acute indigestion, when men and women turn away from their screens in search of plutonium-grade bonhomie. It would have been an outrage against civilization for me to write about screenshots on Christmas Eve, even screenshots for Grand Theft Auto 5, aka (probably) this year's biggest release.

There they are below, all five of them. Click the big image to open the gallery, after contemplating the all-importance of the phrase "good things come to those who wait". One has a dog in a car in it - feel free to cross that particular animal/vehicle combo off the list of things you won't see in Grand Theft Auto 5.


What more do you want from me, blood? That's a rhetorical question, yes.