Issue 95: Bioshock Infinite! Dark Souls 2! Injustice! Army of Two!

What you'll find in our latest issue

Issue 95 is upon us, brethren, stampeding over the horizon like an ill-advised introductory metaphor with four legs and a nose-mounted battering ram, a battering ram with a giant picture of Booker and Elizabeth off Bioshock Infinite on the front. Nestled within, you'll find a seven-page Infinite preview featuring hints as to Gears and Vigors (read: crazy magical powers), interviews with Irrational's Ken Levine and Drew Holmes, and pictures of people getting inventively slain.

There's also an exclusive Injustice: Gods Among Us hands-on. New to Gods Among Us? It's one of those man-punching games, created by Mortal Kombat bods NetherRealm, and includes the pick of famous faces from DC Comics - Batman, The Joker, Nightwing, Lex Luthor, Bane, Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Superman, together with minor Justice Leaguers like Cyborg, Raven and Captain Marvel. Blood there is none, but punching there is much.


Deeper in lie previews of Dead Space 3, Dead Island: Riptide and Deadpool, among other games that don't have "dead" in the title, like Aliens: Colonial Marines, The Cave, Crysis 3, Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel and Defiance. Diversity, thy name is videogames.

On the backward-looking front, skip to page 90 for "The History Boys" - an Assassin's Creed retrospective that explores how key concepts like the Animus came together, and how they've evolved across the series. This month's featured interviewee is BioWare's Neil Thompson, art director on Dragon Age 3: Inquisition and a man with much to say about next generation consoles. Last but, I hope, not least, you'll find a Lost Odyssey retrospective penned by yours truly in the back of the mag.

Our cover disc features demos for Portal: Still Alive, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Bayonetta and Rayman: Origins, along with the usual videos and Gamerpics. You can buy the mag online with free postage, download a copy for iPad from Apple Newsstand, or nab an Android-friendly version from Zinio. As always, feedback is welcome whether typed in outraged capital letters or no.