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Christmas Xbox Live deals: Trials HD, Trials Evolution go cheap

Your wallet says "vrrrrooom"

Christmas Eve! A time for conviviality, jollity, revelry and other words ending in "ee"! A time for human beings to come together and eat constantly! A time for small children to get high on mince pies and greed! A time for... motorbikes?

Pretty much every last one of Redlynx's Trials games and DLC are on discount today - a roaring throng of multiplayer-friendly, leaderboards-driven platform/racing experiences that deserve a slot on every hard drive. Don't delay.


Trials HD
Trials HD - Big Thrills
Trials HD - Big Pack
Trials Evolution
Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain

Next up in the Countdown to 2013 series - tonnes of Kinect game discounts. Merry Christmas in advance!