A merry Xboxmas from OXM - plus, our holiday plans revealed

Thanks for a wonderful year

We haven't signed off for the festive season just yet, but I thought I'd get our Merry Christmas blog/card/fireside chat out the door now, in case of beverage-related accidents this afternoon.

My, what a year it's been! Log wore a dress and shouted at sexism, Matt created a soldier known as KitKat Chunky who won the hearts of millions, Mike left a big, gaping hole in our lives/content plans, Jonty woke up one morning in a seedy Mexican restaurant with half of Valve Corporation - and just now, the world failed to end on schedule. Crazy.

Next year is going to be crazier, though. There's the strong suspicion of a Nextbox announcement at either E3 or a dedicated Microsoft event, and accordingly, a sizeable proportion of this generation's most promising games are crammed into the spring. Another, equally sizeable proportion are loitering off-stage holding placards which read "platforms unconfirmed". It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together - but it may take a genius to make sense of it all in hindsight. The OXM Breakdown of 2013 should be an entertaining watch...

The OXM team will be back in action on 2nd January, but don't take us off your bookmarks - we'll be publishing one or two features a day every day across the Christmas and New Year period. I'll also keep you posted of those daily Xbox Live Christmas discounts. No saving shall go untrumpeted, no questionable Games on Demand pricetag unpondered.

We passed a million uniques here in November, and I can't tell you how grateful I am to you, our audience, and in particular our diamond-hard core of OXM forumites. Ladies and gentlemen - without interested, interesting readers like yourselves this job would quite honestly not be worth doing. Here's to you, then, and here's to a Merry Christmas.

Now, let's get this party started...