Ubisoft looking to buy THQ, wants rights to Saints Row, Homefront, Darksiders - rumour

Insiders suggest French publisher is hungry for Christmas bargain

Ubisoft may be among potential buyers for bankruptcy-hit THQ, according to sources close to MCV. Word is that the Assassin's Creed publisher is after a bargain, however, and accordingly may wait for investment group Clearlake to sell off certain of THQ's assets before closing the deal.

"If successful in the overall acquisition, though, Ubisoft would take over five studios and gain the rights to brands such as Saints Row, Company of Heroes, Darksiders, Homefront, Red Faction," the site writes. "Plus it would pick up the deals for games based on WWE and some Warhammer properties - WWE specifically would offer an expansion opportunity for Ubi, finally giving it a decent stake in the sports genre."


THQ revealed that it was filing for bankruptcy yesterday, as part of what chairman and CEO Brian Farrell somewhat optimistically terms "necessary next steps to complete THQ's transformation and position the company for the future". No game cancellations or layoffs are expected.

Ubisoft is pretty sizeable already, rivalled only by EA and Activision in terms of scale - picking up THQ would give it a pretty strong shot at becoming the leading third party publisher. History in the making? We'll keep you updated.