The OXM Breakdown - 2012

As the dust settles on the Mayan apocalypse, Log takes a long look back

The final OXM Breakdown of the year is in, and naturally, it's about the year that was. Join Log for a whistle-stop tour of the past 12 months which encompasses the death of survival horror, E3, spider sex, my doomed love of Binary Domain, the Jet Set soundtrack, Matt's Shinta Nijiri impression and, for some horrible reason, "two girls one cup".

All that's just a tiny, top-down glimpse of the mighty iceberg that is 2012, of course, and you should feel totally, completely free to reminisce about the things we haven't mentioned. Such as, oh, Capcom's "it's downloadable, honest" on-disc DLC strategy, Mass Effect 3's ending, "Doritosgate", Alex Hutchinson accusing Western reviewers of "subtle racism", the blinding quality of this year's XBLA round-up, and all the polished, many-angled insanity spat forth by the exalted members of the OXM forum.

Still here? Go right ahead and gab about the year to come. It's shaping up to be a riddle wrapped in a mystery stuffed up an enigma's hooter. Here are the games we're most looking forward to.