"Xbox 3" is in beta, kits on their way to developers - rumour

Man behind "Durango"/Kinect 2 leak spreads more gossip

Microsoft's next generation Xbox console has now entered the beta phase of development, according to the source behind the release of a rumoured prototype Kinect 2 interface image in August. Apparently, new kits are winging their way to developer doorsteps as we speak.

"Xbox 3 is officially Beta, congrats," the user known as SuperDAE wrote in a now-deleted Twitter exchange screen-capped by Gamechup. "Awaiting kits arrival to door."


Colour this one highly suspect for the moment, obviously, but SuperDAE does have form in this area. Developer contacts close to the Verge have claimed that the aforesaid Kinect 2 image (left) is the real deal.

Another, recent Xbox 720 rumour alleges that the device is code-named "Kryptos", rather than "Durango", and that pending the outcome of certain technical dilemmas it'll enter production this year. Only a few days to go, then. One of Bloomberg's contacts believes that Microsoft will host a dedicated event for its next gen Xbox, rather than showcasing at E3 2013.

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