Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 trailer is admirably insane

Platforming sequences? City of whatnow? Lightning strikes back

You know, I'm not sure Square Enix's Final Fantasy 13 saga gets the respect it deserves round these parts. Fair enough, the pacing and art direction are more divisive than a cauldron of Marmite, carefully balanced on a fence composed of Danny Boyle sketches. Fair enough, I've been unable to look at a copy without weeping hysterically since my old Xbox 360 hard drive upped and died, taking a 20 hour savegame with it.


But two things: one, Final Fantasy 13 is one of the few JRPG series I can think of that stars a woman. Chalk one up for simplistic answers to the problem of under-representation! And two, Final Fantasy 13 is utterly crackers. The base game was pretty mad to begin with, all crystal metaphors and monstrously large numbers, and then they started piling stuff on top of it. Like platforming, for instance. And heat-seeking Moogles.

Just look at the trailer for the latest spin-off Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 (via Eurogamer). Those ladders remind me of Mirror's Edge. See? Completely demented.