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Minecraft Xbox 360 update 7 coming from 10am today, 4J releases launch trailer

A very merry Christmas from Minecraft

Minecraft Xbox 360 update 7 will begin roll-out at 10am UK time today, 4J has announced. The studio has also released an obscenely charming launch trailer, rife with skin-related jokes and Christmas cheer.

My own post-update world won't be nearly so festive. It'll be a barren ice realm in which flesh-eating reindeer swing hideous sorcerous blades at armies of frost giants. Thousands will perish in a chill which numbs the soul as comprehensively as it does the mind. Bwa ha ha ha! What's more, I'm going to dig a big pit and fill it with puppies.

Read the full Minecraft Xbox 360 update 7 changelog if you haven't already, along with our guides to potion brewing and enchanting. The Festive Skin Pack is out today, too - find screens down the page, and watch out for a download link soon.