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Blog hits a million unique users!

Thanks for an early Christmas present

We don't normally like to big ourselves up round here, and obviously Ed's far too much of a gentleman to do it himself, but we've passed a traffic milestone that I'm rather proud of: in November, notched up a million unique users.

A grand total of 1,006,484 people came to our site between November 1st and November 30th, according to ComScore Digital Analytix, and you ranked up 2,939,657 pageviews.

That's a massive achievement given that last year we were only doing a fraction of that - so thanks to you, our readers, for coming to the site and reading what we have to say. Or watching our videos, or participating in our daft do-it-yourself reviews. It's enormously gratifying to see OXM reach so many people and - for the most part - deliver the games coverage that you want.


It's also a great achievement by the OXM team - most notably Edwin, who slaves daily to bring you the best Xbox-specific news and features around, but Log, Matt and our crew of hugely talented freelancers have also played a part. They're a great bunch and a pleasure to work with. Even Matt, the filthy splitter.

So thanks for reading. And be sure to come back next year, because we've got even more good stuff to show off then.