RAGE DLC The Scorchers released a year after RAGE

Get back in touch with one of 2011's most interesting new IPs

Well here's a thing. Bethesda has released a new add-on for id Software's RAGE, comprising new areas, guns, characters and an Extended Play option which lets you carry on rocking the post-Apocalypse after completing the main storyline. That's the same RAGE that came out in October 2011, yes. Good things come...

"In The Scorchers, battle an all-new maniacal bandit clan, wreak havoc with new brutally efficient weapons and explore undiscovered areas," reads a release. "Fight alongside new allies to thwart the Scorcher clan's deadly plot to destroy the Wasteland.


"The add-on pack also includes 'Ultra-Nightmare', a new high difficulty mode, as well as an 'Extended Play' option that allows you to play past the original ending of the game - giving you the opportunity to finish collecting items and achievements."

The pack's 2.16 GB in size, costs 400 MP and can be downloaded here. Sounds like you're getting plenty of bang for your buck.

Bethesda has mailed over some launch screens and artwork to wash everything down. I'm aware that People On Our Forum have been discussing this little turn of events. Anything to declare?

Recent job postings suggest that id Software is developing DOOM 4 for release on next generation consoles. The studio's Tim Willits says he and his colleagues "haven't forgotten" about RAGE. Have you?