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New Xbox 360 scheme allows you to top up Microsoft Point wallet in stores

Bye bye to Xbox Live vouchers?

Microsoft has paired up with US retailer Dollar General and prepaid transaction service InComm to let users top up their Xbox Live wallets from stores, in what could be the beginnings of a move away from the existing voucher system.

As reported by Polygon (via VG247) the fetchingly named Microsoft Xbox Live Prepaid PIN on Receipt service goes live today, allowing players to buy Xbox Live points and upgrade memberships in denominations of $19.99, $24.99, $49.99 and $59.99 directly from the register. Or as us Limeys know it, the till. You'll then be handed a receipt and details on how to redeem your purchase.


"By offering unlimited digital payment services, our sales potential is never limited by the number of Xbox LIVE physical cards we have in stock, and our customers always have secure access to virtual currency for their favorite games," Dollar General's executive vice president Todd Vasos commented in a release. "This new venture marks our first major foray into the online video game category and we see a unique opportunity which gives us another way to fulfill our commitment to helping our customers save time and money, every day."

The scheme only covers one retailer, and is not available outside the US, but given Microsoft's habit of road-testing tricksy concepts with the aid of selected retailers, it's not impossible that we'll see something similar on our shores. Would any of you really miss the voucher system?