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Minecraft Xbox 360 update 7: new items, mobs and features detailed

Custom skin animations and new host powers in the works

4J Studios has released an expanded list of content changes for the next Minecraft Xbox 360 update, title update 7. Batten down your hats and strap up your jaws - there be glistering melons and custom skin animations ahead...

Microsoft has yet to settle upon a release date, sadly, but given the detail they've gone into here, we may not have long to wait. Read more about enchanting in our list of the best Minecraft Xbox 360 enchantments, and about updates in general in our list of most anticipated Minecraft Xbox 360 updates. Cheers, PlayXBLA.


- Animal Breeding - feed two of the same animals a particular food and they'll "kiss" and like magic a little baby animal will appear. Cute!
- Brewing - You'll be able to make Potions! Pull up a Brewing Stand and experiment.
- Experience Points - Now you can collect Experience Orbs from mining, killing mobs, breeding and using Furnaces. Experience is used for Enchanting!
- Enchanting - A new process which uses your Experience points to grant special abilities to armour, tools and weapons. You'll need to craft yourself an Enchantment table to get started.
- Mushroom Biome - A new type of land where the humble mushroom is king. New block Mycelium can be found here and Mooshrooms! Try growing yourself a giant mushroom.
- Nether Fortresses - a structure that can appear in the Nether, bringing new blocks to the game too. Nether Fortresses are the Nether equivalent of Strongholds. Look out for the Blaze which can found in these new structures, they've got a habit of shooting out fire.
- Skin animations - Some of your skins will have new animations (optional) to give them a bit more life and personality of their own. It's something new and something that will be expanded upon as we do future updates, even older skins might get given their own animations as time goes on, so keep a look out for them in the future too. You may also notice that skins can have hats, and stuff...

New items
- Blaze Rod
- Ghast Tear
- Gold Nugget
- Nether Wart
- Glass Bottle
- Water Bottle
- Spider Eye
- Fermented Spider Eye
- Cauldron
- Eye of Ender
- Glistering Melon
- Mycelium Block
- Lily Pad
- Nether Brick
- Nether Brick Fence
- Nether Brick Stairs

New Mobs
- Mooshroom
- Blaze
- Villager
- Snow Golem
- Magma Cube
- Baby Animals

Other tweaks
- Added Avatar items to the Download Content menu
- Added new multiplayer host trust players options for toggling players' abilities to mine and use items, place blocks, use doors and switches, use containers, attack players and attack animals/
- Updated tutorial world with new biome, and added mini-tutorials for new features
- Updated music disc quests in the tutorial world
- Added an option to enable/disable custom skin animations (on by default)
- Added a section on brewing, enchantment and breeding in the How to Play